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Half & Full day sessions available


(4 Hours - Half Day)

(8 Hours - Full Day)

- Enquire for prices -

We offer half day (4 hour) and full day (8 hour) recording sessions at our studio in Aylesbury, UK. 

Please contact us if you require an engineer for your session at a different location.

Enquire via any social media app located at the top or bottom of this page.



From £100 per song

Below is a breakdown of how we charge per song/mix. We base the price on stem/audio file count. Enquire for prices.

  • Option 1 -- 2-15 stem/audio file count mix​

  •  Option 2 -- 16-35 stem/audio file count mix

  • Option 3 -- 36+ stem/audio file count mix (Unlimited Stem Count): (Includes Free Stereo Master)

Each mix comes with free revision opportunities. A fee of £10 per additional revision is applied if those 2 opportunities are exceeded.

Clean, instrumental, and PA mixes are included within the price. Other processes such as stem bounces will result in additional charges. Contact us for more information.

Discounts/Packaged deals are available if you require mixing for multiple songs or additional services like mastering. Please inquire via the contact section at the bottom of the home/bio screen.

DJ Set


fROM £75 per song

  • Each master comes with free unlimited revision opportunities.

  • To receive mix critiques/reviews before the mastering stage, please get in contact.

  •  Requirements:

  • All song formats must be at least 44.1khz and 24bit

  • Discounts are available if you require mastering for a full project. Please get in touch to discuss how much you could save money on your next project!


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Mix/Master Reviews/Consultations

From £25 per song

  • Do you need a second pair of ears to professionally review/critique your mixes/masters? Look no further! 

  • Receive detailed reviews from anything to vocal production/recordings, drum mixing techniques, to overall songs and their balance instrumentally, dynamics and feel. ​

  • Simply contact us with the reviews box ticked via the contact section on the home/bio page and provide details within the dedicated area. 

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1-2-1 Music Tech

From £25 per hour

  • Do you have upcoming course work/exams that you'd like to ensure is of distinction/A* quality? Or, do you want to know more about a specific topic within the music technology realm? Look no further! Taylor has taught hundreds of students at Btec level 2 & 3 and HNC/D (level 4 & 5) over the past 5 years.

  • Specialising in a range of different subjects. Everything from Music Production, Studio Engineering to Live Sound, Promotional and Marketing techniques.

  • 1-2-1 lessons designed entirely by you. You pitch your ideas about what you want to learn and we create a short course entirely for you.

  • Enquire via the contact box located on our home page or any social media app located at the top or bottom of this page.


Refer a friend
(Get Free Studio Time)

  • Are you one of our loyal customers? Recommend us to a music orientated friend and win studio time, mixing, mastering, or tutoring services for FREE!. 

  • To be eligible, the friend you refer must invest in at least one of our services and confirm your reference, THAT'S IT!

  • The more people you refer, the more services you can claim!​ Please contact us via the contact section on the home page.


Field Recording


Have you ever wanted to tell a story through your music? A great example would be Kendrick Lamar's Good Kid, Maad City album. How real-life sound effects, dialogue and music embellishments are interwoven throughout the album. Particularly noticeable in-between songs. This can be anything from ocean waves, sirens, rainfall, or a certain environment's ambience. Request your desired effect(s) and we can capture it for you. The actual process of capturing any sounds is free and you won't be charged for the amount of captured sounds. However, a fixed budget for expenses like transport, food and accommodation is required. Visit our shop page for more details!

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